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Gelfman is a long time partner of DarkWish Digital. From coding our custom programs to turning generic black-lights into rave lights at Luminescence, Gelfman is the man behind the Digital at DarkWish. As a previous employee at Google and long-time DJ specializing in trance and industrial music, we are super excited to announce him as both a DJ and head programmer for NEVERMORE.

Matt Hart

Matt Hart is an industrial musician and DJ from London, UK. He cites early industrial as influences while incorporating modern production alongside edgy electronica and industrial metal.

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Vudu:DJ streams the goth/industrial/synthpop/EBM music you love from the House of darq, on Gallows Hill in Salem, Ma!


DJ Amazin A is a producer, turntablist. NYC nightlife veteran known for mixing genres, high energy sets and live mashups. Current residencies; The Hard Swallow and The Black Velvet Circus.

DJ Amazin A

SVMMON is a Brooklyn-based decadent dark dance event created by Joe Hart  in 2017.


Xris SMack! is a DJ, VJ/Video & Music Producer/Engineer as well as the founder and producer of SMack!, NYC’s premiere multimedia fetish play party and the STIMULATE monthly music event.
Since 1996, SMack! has been setting the trends by showcasing Fetish Performers, Designers, Artists, Bands, and more! Xris looks for the unique and likes to live on the bleeding edge, never settling for less

Xris SMack!
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