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What is DarkWish Digital?

DarkWish Digital is an alternative multi-media company, specializing in macabre photography, videography, events, and media promo in nyc

Meet the Darklings

Aiden Skye (TheGothicRobot)

Aiden Skye

DarkWish Digital Creator

Aiden Skye, otherwise known as TheGothicRobot, is a passionate filmmaker, photographer, influencer, and graphic designer. In love with gothic and alternative culture, Aiden decided to combine his media skills and admiration for darkness to create a company that will grow and support the community that he holds dear to his heart.

In September of 2018, Aiden created DarkWish Digital with the goal of uniting the misfits of the world through media, art, and spooky events.

Aiden's Darkest Wish is to possess the ability to haunt the souls of his enemies


Ben Rosen-Filardo

Programmer/Tech Professional


Their Darkest wish is to

befriend all the NYC Subway rats

Alexys Forrest Social Meida Manager at DarkWish Digital

Alexys Forrest



Her darkest wish is to set anyone she pleases on fire with her mind

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