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Lola Strange is a fierce dancer, fire performer, burlesque slayer, drag artist and sideshow creative genius. She has the ability to channel and change appearance into characters and creatures with makeup, costuming and movement that will transport you into the otherworldly fantasy she creates

Lola Strange

LostBoy is most accurately described as a chaos clown--aerialist, poet, sideshow arts performer, this artist finds themselves dangling off of various apparatuses or laying on beds of nails in their general day to day, What will they bring to this next stage? Just you wait and see... Don’t miss their pole performance May 22 at NEVERMORE

From the absurd to the macabre, from the tantalizing to the grotesque, Draco strives to consistently think outside of the box to provide an experience the likes of which has never been seen. He is a jack of all trades member of the Feral Showgirls cabaret troupe, where he specializes in boylesque and musical performance. With his comedic charm, devilish looks, and tons of tiny underpants to spare, he'll leave you wondering what he'll be pulling out of his pants next.


the bodacious bombshell from Brooklyn, is an nyc based burlesque performer and producer. She's as nerdy as she is curvy, producing unique nerdlesque tributes with Magical Girl Burlesque, and strutting her quirky stuff around the city with D20 Burlesque, Metropolis Burlesque, Metal Grade Babes, and more!  

Betty Brash

Tryst La Noir brings blood, and lipstick wrapped up in her dark and gritty noir world. She takes inspiration from classic artists and macabre undertones to bring a show filled darkness and desire. Her new album "Vulgar Virtue" will take you on a journey of mystery and the enigmatic mind.

Cara Antoinette

Calixta Starr is an award winning theatrical fusion artist from NY. Her unique storytelling style has been featured in numerous stage shows, dance festivals and pop culture conventions. Calixta Starr's training in multiple dance forms blend together to create pieces that are like "live" movies that tell a character driven story as well as continually push the boundaries of theatrical dance.

Calixta Star

Red Reine is a scare artist turned fetish model who blends the unexpected and the uncomfortable with the erotic. Her specialty is evoking arousal and fear with a healthy sprinkling of confusion all the while creating new fetishes you didn't know you had.

Red Reine

Sasha Fire Gypsy is a professional performer specializing in acts such as Fire Performance, Circus Arts, Sideshow, LED Light Shows, Mermaid, and more! Sasha has been performing for 15 years and creates stunning performances for audiences in the North East and wherever she is requested. She prides herself in her choreographed and dynamic Fire Performances in which she includes musicality, dance, acrobatics, theatrics, and audience connection.

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Sasha Fire Gypsy
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