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TheGothicRobot TikTok Event Reigistery

Welcome to the #EMOArmy

Join Aiden Skye (TheGothicRobot) on TikTok for EMO Nights, battles, and more! Click the links below to register for upcoming events that you won't want to miss!

Upcoming Events:

EMO Night TikTok

Thursday March 28th 2024

Hosted by DJ TheGothicRobot

10:30PM-4AM EST

EMO Night TikTok

Thursday April 4th 2024

Hosted by DJ TheGothicRobot

Starts at 10:30PM EST

TikTok Offical Battle

Friday April 5th 2024

TheGothicRobot vs hustlejunkieman

Starts at 6PM EST

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